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for individuals, teams and organisations
to enable real and lasting change.
Because we care.

for individuals, teams and organisations to enable real and lasting change. Because we care.

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We apply the following in how we work:

The Inspire Programme

Unleash The Power Of How®

It isn’t a training course, it’s a way of life! Use the Inspire Programme to surface and secure the “say-do gaps" in your organisation that prevent you from reaching your full potential. We’ll work with you to configure Inspire, focussing on your specific intent, expected impact, scope and demographics, time investment and desired delivery methods.


Discover. Grow. Thrive.

Use kapow to better understand your business performance and give your people the gift of a friendly coach and mentor in their pocket. With kapow, you will gain access to a valuable new stream of business intelligence to drive performance. And through kapow, your people will each have a safe space to discover, grow and thrive as they unleash their full potential.


Non-directive empowerment.

Let us coach you through career transition, professional change, business development, individual effectiveness, personal resilience, and more. Our coaching is non-directive and empowers you to come to your own conclusions, help you to achieve your goals, and leave you feeling inspired and happy. One-to-one, groups, executives, management, individual contributors... we will coach you!

Facilitating Outcomes

Targeted interventions.

We’re blessed with a strong team ready to support you in the with tactical and targeted interventions, or strategic and programme-led engagements.


Think about how you bring your products and services into existence. Our Create portfolio of services uses human-focused design and intent-based outcomes to help you bring your best propositions to market.


People create value for organisations, but organisations don’t always value their people. Here, we employ intent-based methods to bring to life an environment where your people feel inspired, motivated, and eager to take responsibility.

Design thinking

Creating better, human-focussed products and services. The key values of empathy, flexibility, positivity, collaboration, and curiosity fuel our strategic and tactical engagements in this discipline.


You're promoting the products and services you've created in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Our Market portfolio of  focuses on extracting maximum profitability from your customer journey.


This is about how you organise your market approach. With profitability and growth in sharp focus here, we examine what you’re doing to stay relevant and competitive, and help you make decisions that position you for success.

Business monetisation

Increased acquisition costs are decimating profitability. We engage with you to look at how you could monetise your customers either during your existing customer journey or afterwards through targeted re-marketing campaigns.


Whether you're a massive organisation, big business, or small company, you have a focus on sales. Our Sell portfolio of services helps you hone your sales strategy, deploy the best in sales enablement, craft better proposals, and transform your operations.

Sales strategy & operations

Defining how you’re going to get things done to meet the sales and revenue goals of your business. Covering route-to-market, direct sales, indirect channel partner sales, through to sales operations and compensation plan design. How do you want you sales organisation to "show up" in the market. This is about your customers' definition of value and helping you to meet your customers where they are.

Sales transformation & enablement

Supporting organisations going through major change from feature-function to value-based and trust-oriented selling. This is not about "the" sales methodology or lots of “hit and run” sales training. This is about bringing to life unique ways of working that inspire your customers. We will help identify the goodness you already have and nurture latent potential.

Bids and proposals

Business winning through tendering is about more than compliance. It’s about responsiveness. And that starts with empathy. Together, we will focus on what you want your customers - external and internal - to say, think, feel and do differently. From bid management to proposal automation we will sharpen your competitive edge and turn "best practice" into common practice for your organisation.

Deliver & Operate

You've won the business, congratulations! Now, how do you stay at the top of your game? Our Deliver & Operate services supports you in growth, transformation, and making your customers wildly successful.

Business transformation

Think about the biggest change facing your business. Could you say, with confidence, that every person in your organisation is ready for this change? Let us help you change how you do things and put people at the centre.

Business resilience

How will you respond to the unexpected? You may have measures in place to prevent an incident. But what will you do during and after a disruptive event? Together, we will embed the skills and behaviours to required endure.

Customer success

Drive long-term value for your customers by making them wildly successful with your products and services. Altruism, curiosity, empathy, and passion underpin our work to help you reduce churn, expand the base, and delight your customers.

Business continuity

In our "always on" world, downtime is unacceptable. No matter the size of your organisation, business continuity is an important – but not always practical – aspect of sustainable operations. We will help you with contingency, recovery, and resilience.


Unleash the potential of your people on your organisation's goals and objectives. The People services create the capacity and capability to help your people connect to latent potential.

Organisation design

Sometimes, organisation structures enable. Sometimes, they don’t.  Do you have the structures needed to enable your organisation to reach its full potential?  We partner with you to ensure your people and organisation are in the position to thrive.

Learning design

What is the intent of learning?  All too often it is a "hit and run" event where learning is provided, but without the handrails needed to embed it and transform how things are done.  We design and deliver learning that meets people where they are, supporting them in journeys of individual, team, and organisation transformation.


Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Is your culture alive and kicking? It’s easy to communicate a set of values, but far harder to live by them. If your organisation has "say-do" gaps, they really speak to your organisation's authenticity. We work with you to close say-do gaps and grow your business built on solid, authentic foundations.

We work with you to achieve balance:



Have complete clarity in their roles and the impact they have is readily felt and evidenced. Can see the tangible connection to the why. Empowered and trusted to make things happen.


Have a balanced view of the leading indicators vs. the lagging indicators. The how is as important as what was done and the impact this had on why.


Feel heard and cared for. The organisation totally understands them and wraps itself around the customer. They are advocates for you, your products, and your services.


Productivity just keeps hitting new highs. The organisation is finding ways of worker smarter, not harder, ensuring all concerned are held safely to maintain balance and trust.


In having a growth mindset, the organisation can nurture and reward the right types of behaviours that will build greater capacity and capability far beyond expectations.


Lived, shared, and supported by all. Modelled from the top of the organisation to the bottom, and vice-versa. Values are so enriching that they're shared outside of the organisation with family and friends.


Clear, deliberate, and skilful. Aligned to the organisation's maturity to safeguard its current growth and success. Defined impact to the what and why, enabled by the how!


Competitors are losing market share and their people as your organisation creates clear water around it.


Greets the organisation warmly, supports its growth aspirations, and is admired for all you are trying to achieve.

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"So...what do you do?"

On average, people spend 80% of their time focussed on what they need to do to fulfil their objectives.

We call this your 'What'

Thinking about your organisation...
Can you define your What?

"Why do you do that?"

In comparison, organisations invest an average of 15% in refining and marketing why they do their what.

We call this your 'Why'

What does your organisation say it believes in?
What is your personal Why?

"How do things get done?"

The remaining 5% of an average organisation's time and energy is invested on how things get done...

We call this your 'How'

How does your organisation connect the Why to the What? How can things improve?

The sweet spot...

Through discovery, development and cross-pollination, we build Capacity and Capability within your organisation.

Real & Lasting Change

This principle backs all of the work we do, helping us to navigate our clients and partners to real, lasting change.


On Average...

People spend 80% of their time focussed on what they need to do, or what they need to deliver.


We call this your organisation's 'WHAT'

OK, Got it!

In Comparison...

Organisations spend an average of 15% of their energy and time thinking about why they do what they do.


We call this your organisation's 'WHY'

OK, Got it!

It starts with you

Ready to begin your journey?

Doing good things in a powerful way