Technology: Global Deal Desk

Transformation, Design Thinking, Coaching


Our client’s intent was to enable cross-functional groups – Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, Client Services, Product, Human Resources, Legal, Finance, Sales Operations – to industrialise complex and non-standard deals, deliver efficiency gains for their leadership team, senior managers, and domain experts, and achieve €10M annual revenue growth.


This cross-functional collaboration was part of a wider organisation-wide transformation. Using facilitation, non-directive coaching and design thinking, we engaged with their leadership team, sales directors, and representatives from sales operations, finance, legal, pre-sales, services, and engineering to identify the major say-do gaps that would inhibit the success of global Deal Desk.


To achieve our client’s three month accelerated deployment of the global Deal Desk, we designed a programme of four delivery sprints and a fifth simulation sprint. A thorough analysis of their lived experience, their needs and desires, and their encounters with other Deal Desk functions throughout their careers, was then contrasted with their desired future state to help close the say-do gaps.


As the Deal Desk prepared for launch, we facilitated live Deal Desk simulations to provide guidance, support, and feedback to all participants: how they were “showing up”. There was some inevitable course correction, and we gradually stepped back from the project once we could see that global Deal Desk had a balanced rhythm that was yielding the right outcomes for the business.


The global Deal Desk is embedded into the sales motion for our client as the only forum for handling all complex and non-standard deals, globally. This has transformed the focus of all Deal Desk stakeholders from low-value global review and reporting to high-value deal review and governance. Our client engaged us to support six further projects as part of their three-year strategic transformation programme.

Broadleaf has a unique and extremely compelling approach that energises and empowers people within the organisation through The Power Of How®. This drives up productivity and effectiveness to deliver valuable outcomes, enabling our business and people to be successful. – Chief Revenue Officer

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