Technology: C-Suite

Transformation, Coaching.


The intent of the Chief Executive Officer was to enable her team to build relationships of trust and co-operation that enabled an organisation-wide transformation using The Power Of How®.


We worked in small groups with her leadership team to understand where they were personally and as a team. We identified say-do gaps that were all linked to a lack of trust and safety within the team.


We designed and facilitated two in-person retreats with the team. The first retreat stabilised the team dynamic and gave them new ways of working together that enabled them to move forward productively. The second retreat built on these foundations deepening the connection between team members, deepening relationships, and providing additional tools that enabled team members to increase their behavioural flexibility.


Each team member received ten “The Power Of How® hours” with a Broadleaf facilitator. The sessions used The Power of How® as the golden thread to develop each team member’s individual intent, empowering them to do things differently.


The team has a cadence of 45-day projects, initially facilitated by Broadleaf, and then by the team for themselves. These projects provided a boundaried space where the team can practice their new behaviours, gradually changing the culture and dynamic of the team, building trust through many successful interactions on several topics.

“We have made this choice to focus our company transformation, so let’s focus on the HOW we make it happen! My advice, don’t do it alone. We are lucky to count on Broadleaf's support, advice, energy, positivity and talent."

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