Non-profit: Roadshow Events

Coaching, Triggers, Boundaries, Facilitation


Our client’s intent was to provide their members – and non-members in adjacent roles to the bid and capture industry – with a new and engaging way to approach common challenges in the profession. They wanted members to experience excellent value from their membership and take away actionable insights to apply immediately in their roles.


We worked with members of our client’s leadership team to surface the key challenges that formed the core focus of each event – sphere of control, imposter syndrome, etc. We identified the say-do gaps manifested within these challenges and linked them to the “how levers” we use to close them.


We designed and facilitated a series of premium quality one-day events, at iconic venues in three UK cities, that introduced participants to The Power of How® and enabled them to challenge their thinking through group exercises and individual reflection.


As part of the design, participants benefited from two, one-hour remote follow-up sessions facilitated by dedicated Broadleaf personnel. At three weekly intervals, these sessions supported participants in their application of The Power of How® in their day jobs to address the challenges identified and helped to combat bounce back.


The invitation here was for event participants to continue applying The Power of How® and remain curious to ways of broadening the impact for themselves and those they work with. Broadleaf was available to support them with further conversations inside their organisations to help in cementing new ways of working and achieving their desired outcomes.

Doing good things in a powerful way