Manufacturing: Supporting Stressed Managers

Mindset, Visioning


The intent was to support managers through tactical interventions, in the full knowledge of there being wider issues, and with additional support being needed.


Our intervention enabled managers to acknowledge the truth of where they are, and the elements of their situation that sit outside of their control. With this knowledge, they were empowered and accountable to develop 30 day plans for each manufacturing location, unlocking their potential and that of their teams.

Broadleaf have an amazing way of delivering an experiential style of engagement focusing very much on how the individual can make a difference through their mindset. Throughout the programme, participants started to understand they can continue in a fixed mindset or be part of the cultural turnaround and switch to a growth mindset. Overall, a fun and engaging day with real support wrapped around each participant throughout the 45 days - Chief Operating Officer, UK & Ireland

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