Technology: RFP Automation

Change Readiness, Design Thinking, Coaching


Our client’s intent was to focus the value of their bid managers on strategic pursuits, enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their content managers, and simplify the process for responding to non-strategic RFPs at scale.


We fielded a multi-disciplinary team including the following capabilities: non-directive coaching, design thinking, neuro-linguistic programming, and subject matter expertise in RFP automation. This blend enabled us to speak intimately and at depth with team members to clearly understand their lived experience, calibrate their change readiness stance, and identify the say-do gaps preventing the team from achieving their full potential.


With RFP automation technology already deployed, our client was determined to enhance the team’s change readiness stance and start closing say-do gaps using the “how skills” surfaced during Discover. We designed and facilitated a programme that explored the team’s capability and capacity and challenged their confidence and conviction. We translated this into concepts for new ways of working.


Embedding new ways of working, we worked with the team to challenge their thinking and manifest their desired future state. Driving a growth mindset and personal accountability, the team tuned into their new vision of the future. And with a focus on the “human experience” applied their new sense of purpose and values to boost their change readiness stance.


A blend of mentoring and non-directive coaching for selected team members to support their individual growth. We used The Power of How® as the north star to continue the team’s journey, empowering them to do things differently in service of their intent.

Doing good things in a powerful way