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January 20, 2021

Written by 
Steven Coles

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Since we can't predict what's around the corner, there really is no right or wrong way to do "life". Maybe we know where we are going, or maybe we need a little help figuring out that next step. Either way, the beginning of every self-development journey comes from within. It all starts with you.

Life is always changing. And that means you change, too.

And that’s why Broadleaf Global created kapow.  A kapow membership places a friendly, expert mentor by your side, supporting your unique development journey. Through specially designed interactions, you'll connect to tailored insights from qualified psychologists and curated inspiration for your next step. By helping you to enhance your self-awareness and set meaningful goals, kapow will help you connect to your potential.

The beginning of every self-development journey comes from within...

Get inspired for your next step!

The four interactive spaces of kapow – myKapacity, myPurpose, myFeelings, myWorld – help you reflect on the important parts of your life. Throughout your kapow journey, you’ll be offered support, guidance, insight and tracking tools. Each space is uniquely designed so that, together, kapow can connect you to your potential.

What’s in a kapow membership?

Through your kapow membership, you'll discover more about yourself and build your self-awareness. As you change, kapow changes with you. Tailored, expert insights will help you to reflect and grow. You'll build your own path with kapow, and you'll be able to look back to see how far you've come. With kapow, you will connect to:

  • Potential: Four interactive spaces where you can acknowledge, understand and do things differently.
  • Inspiration*: Delivered when you need it, kapow shares daily inspiration that helps to boost you in the right direction.
  • Resources*: An expanding, expert-curated bank of resources, dynamically shared with you when you need them.
  • Events*: High-quality, interactive events combining industry experts, thought leaders, and more.
  • Journal*: A journal, planner and mood board where you can log your reflections and collect resources.
  • Community*: A place to connect with other kapow'ers and share your experience and journey.

How do I get my kapow membership?

Start your kapow membership today with a free 7-day trial on our monthly or annual plan.  And, signing up now as an early adopter means you’ll get a 50% discount on kapow membership, for life. This kapow early adopter said...

I joined kapow to help improve my own personal development. The kapow app is really useful and has helped me organise and evaluate my life goals so I’m now moving in the right direction!

In recognition of the wonderful work, skill and commitment of key workers across the UK, an individual kapow membership is FREE for all members of our NHS, those in the social care sector, teachers, teaching assistants and specialist education professionals, public services such as religious and charity staff, and public safety/national security personnel including armed forces, police, fire service, ambulance and paramedics.

Is there a kapow for business?

Yes! Organisations can use kapow for business as a way of helping people to grow and thrive alongside the business.  kapow for business gives organisations a previously untapped and immensely valuable stream of business intelligence: driving positive outcomes on revenue generation, business transformation, employee wellbeing, and more, all whilst helping to improve decision-making. Learn more about kapow for business here.

Where can I follow kapow's journey?

kapow was built by Broadleaf Global. An organisation dedicated to unleashing potential and enhancing lives. Because managing change is hard, but not impossible together. You can follow kapow on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

What next?

Book your FREE INTENT WORKSHOP to explore how kapow for business puts a mentor and friend in the pocket of every employee, and gives your organisation a new and unique stream of people analytics to supercharge employee engagement and drive business performance. Also, see five fab facts about our FREE NEWSLETTER and subscribe today.

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