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October 1, 2018

Written by 
Paul Dykes

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The capacity and capability of your people to embrace change is critical to business transformation success. Because people are at the heart of all transformation.

Introducing the Broadleaf Transformation Framework

The Broadleaf Transition Framework is helping organisations to realise their sales, marketing, digital, and other transformation objectives.  Watch our explainer video to learn how we are helping our clients to reduce cost, improve productivity, minimise risk, and drive profitable revenue growth (watch time: 2 minutes).

Here are just three examples where the Broadleaf Transition Framework is helping organisations realise transformational success today...

Focused on implementing cost controls?

As you set about reducing cost and driving productivity, consider the impact on your people.  Are they going to brace for change, or embrace change?  Use our transition framework to improve the resilience and effectiveness of your people, and realise your cost control objectives.

Implementing a new business system?

Technology can rapidly become shelf-ware without its transformational bedfellows - process and people.  Making your technology 'process-ready' and training your people to be 'technology-ready' are easily misjudged.  Weave our transition framework into your implementation programme to drive adoption and accelerate time to value.

Driving culture change?

Whether you're leading a rapidly expanding team, driving a new corporate strategy, or conducting concurrent transformation initiatives, embed our transition framework into your programme for sustained employee engagement.

What next?

Book your FREE INTENT WORKSHOP to explore where The Power Of How can help you with the above, and learn more about how we facilitate better outcomes for your organisation. Also, see five fab facts about our FREE NEWSLETTER and subscribe today.

About the author

A partner at Broadleaf Global, Paul Dykes believes that no matter the organisation, it is people who create the value. He has over 20 years experience across management consulting, business strategy, enterprise architecture, sales leadership, marketing and operations. His approach challenges the status quo, has breadth and depth and is focused on delivering tangible results.

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