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September 1, 2021

Written by 
Benio Urbanowicz

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We're really excited to introduce you to the new visual identity for Broadleaf Global! Our leader of design, Benio Urbanowicz, has been busy interrogating his fellow Leafers, our clients and partners, to understand from their perspectives what Broadleaf Global is, what it means, what we stand for, and where we're headed. All of this has inspired Benio to drive a complete overhaul in our visual communication standards. From a new logo to a new website, with a new direction in image treatment, consistent and meticulous guidelines, new and informed typographic choices, and a strategy to future-proof our brand.

Our previous visual identity and collateral was designed in 2016 and much has changed since then... Brexit, Megxit, Covid-19, and more. The world is a different place for many. And as with all experiences of intense change, we have challenged ourselves to adapt, develop and be curious about how we continue to do good things in a powerful way.

So, how does reinventing our visual identity connect with "turning over a new leaf" yourself? Read on.

A new leaf: the importance of a new 'you'

Psychologically, trying to reinvent ourselves is a challenge. Firstly, as humans, we tend to think more short-term than long-term. Studies have shown that we consistently opt for immediate rewards over later ones, even if the later rewards are greater! This makes planning for distant goals difficult.

But reinventing yourself is vital to health and happiness. Studies have shown a midlife career shift, for instance, can improve brain cognition, overall well-being, and longevity. And reinventing yourself to live more in alignment with your values can transform your life satisfaction. Having a clear sense of purpose is associated with a whole host of mental and physical health benefits. It’s even thought to lower your risk of death.

kapow is a great tool which can help you on this journey and connect you to your full potential.

At Broadleaf Global, the principle of impact being aligned with your values, and how you get things done is extremely important to us. We're passionately adamant that we practise what we preach. It was time to look in the mirror and really think about our values, our purpose, our vision, and how we communicate them.

Taken from a design thinking workshop, delivered and facilitated by Broadleaf Global

Design thinking: finding our north star

Using our own methodology, we undertook a series of design thinking workshops with our design team. This was an opportunity to re-establish our brand and visual communication style, centring the entire exercise around our core principles and what that means for the people, teams and organisations we work with. Without question, these foundational beliefs are also what allow us to thrive in supporting others.

Broadleaf offers organisations an end-to-end innovation process using design thinking techniques. Starting by talking with your people and your audience, we surface the authenticity that supports your goals and helps you overcome hurdles. Next, we move to rapid-testing, development and arrive at your "North Star Narrative". Only then you can develop a brand, product or services that will have meaning and lead to positive results for your audience.

Reach out to our Leader, Design to learn about the benefits of design thinking for your organisation.

Our previous logo (2016) and our new logo (2021)

Our logo

Although seemingly similar, our new logo is radically different in execution to its predecessor. With a bolder, more organic and approachable look, the new Broadleaf Global logo is powerful in impact, but friendly and ready to serve. Achieving this balance is difficult, but in it's own visual execution it feels effortless, mirroring the confidence and expertise we have in our approach.

We've also employed a new typeface family, which was specifically designed for equality and legibility for ALL people. Our new typeface is not only specially designed for people, but it is also freely available to anyone and versatile in almost every written language. We liked this! It's a truly people-first, friendly and global font.

The final and more subtle touches include sharpening the 'leaf' and increasing the impact and boldness of the colours within it, emphasising our collaborative and "cross-pollination" approach.

Our perspective

Our new direction for image treatment is the most noticeable change to our communication.

We believe that a shift in perspective is more powerful in supporting people than giving them 'the answer'.

To reflect this belief in perspective, the direction for our brand illustrative style is in isometric view. When using an isometric view, we are projecting as much information as possible, viewing things from all sides possible, giving the most rounded and informed view possible. This ideal perspective is what we strive towards for the people, teams and organisation that we work with. And so it has become the underlying grid of our image treatment in all illustrations.

An Isometric illustration that communicates how two Broadleaf programmes - kapow and Inspire - connect to support people, teams and organisations

Doing good things in a powerful way

We believe in doing good things in a powerful way. And this is a constant reminder when visiting our new website. By using our iconic brand purple as the 'mini pop-up' at the bottom of every page, we are create a memorable platform of safety, a stage upon which to thrive, and an environment of growth. You'll find this used as a design code throughout all of our visual language, where appropriate... the purple foundation, keeping everything we do and everyone we work with in a safe, positive environment.

What next?

Book your FREE INTENT WORKSHOP to explore where The Power Of How can help you with the above, and learn more about how design thinking can help to facilitate better outcomes for your organisation. Also, see five fab facts about our FREE NEWSLETTER and subscribe today.

About the author

Leader, Design at Broadleaf Global, Benio Urbanowicz believes in openness and storytelling. With over 10 years of experience in the creative and design industry, he applies a design-thinking methodology in his approach. Curiosity, collaboration, and creativity fuel Benio’s passion for a narrative which is always focussed on the end user. Design is changing every day, as are we.

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