Discover. Grow. Thrive.

An expert mentor and friend in the pocket of every employee, supporting you wherever you are. A new and unique stream of people analytics to supercharge employee engagement and drive business performance. Designed and produced by Broadleaf Global.

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Realise full potential

Unleash the full potential of your greatest assets

Every employee is given a unique and safe space to discover, grow and thrive via the kapow app, which can be accessed through any smart device. kapow supports your people on their personal development journey, connecting them to fresh perspectives, opportunities for growth and new ways to unleash their full potential on your business.

MRI your KPIs

See how your organisation is really doing

kapow anonymises and aggregates relevant data from your people's kapow interactions to give you "the MRI to your organisation's KPIs". With kapow, your organisation has access to a pioneering stream of valuable business intelligence to drive performance, leverage patterns of success, and enhance decision making.

Enrich employee engagement

How are your people really doing?

Enrich your annual employee census, biannual employee net promoter score, and monthly employee pulse data. Using kapow, you’ll surface never-before-seen data and insights across 14 measures, from physical and mental health to productivity and focus, to supercharge your employee engagement programme and drive business performance.

Thrive together

Discover patterns and trends in your organisation against your KPIs

kapow empowers anyone within your organisation to explore and leverage never-seen-before insight, helping to authentically answer:

• How are my teams really doing?
• Do we have the capability to get this done remotely?
• Do we have the capacity to take on another project?
• When is the right time to make the next big change?
• And many more questions relevant to your business.

Some of the questions you'll answer with kapow:

How are my people really doing?

Our feelings shape our personality.  Organisations use kapow to recognise the impact of your emotion on organisational performance.  All data is anonymised and cannot be tracked back to individuals.

What can we do to reduce bureaucracy?

In business, bureaucracy is synonymous with apathy and stagnation.  Organisations use kapow to activate the organisation in the battle against 'administrivia'.

How are we reacting to the new norm?

Don’t let a disparate workforce become a desperate workforce.  Organisations use kapow to help ensure remote workers are cared for.  Now.  Not next quarter.

How do I deliver the best employee experience?

Uncovering workforce trends and patterns enables enhanced resource management.  Organisations using kapow leverage these insights so their people can 'be where they are' whilst delivering opportunities for growth aligned to their capacity and capability.

How effective is our leadership right now?

Why wait for the bi-annual employee survey?  Leadership teams use kapow to know, immediately and at any moment, the sentiment of their most valuable assets – their people.

When is best to start our big transformation initiative?

Any kind of transformation, whatever its nature, pulls on the soul of any organisation. Leaders use kapow to achieve transformational success by tuning into very essence of the organisation – its people – to tackle change fatigue and nurture a forward-thinking culture.

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