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What is the Inspire Programme?

It is recognised by many leaders that there is a gap between the strategic intent of the organisation (what is said), and how that organisation operates, (what is done). By closing the say-do gap, organisations are 9%¹ more likely to meet or exceed their annual revenue objectives. This say-do gap has many elements, including leadership behaviour, in all roles and positions.

The Inspire programme is facilitated by Broadleaf Global. Inspire gives your people a safe space to explore their potential and access behavioural and practical tools that support them in doing things differently, specifically in a workplace context. This closes say-do gaps.

Setting cultural goals

Understanding where your organisation wants to be

The Inspire programme has different emphasis depending on the participants, and it is applicable to all roles and positions. According to research by Gartner², 69% of employees don’t accept as true the cultural goals set by leaders, 87% of employees don’t understand them, while 90% of employees don’t act in alignment with them.

This is the ultimate and most common say-do gap we have observed.

Closing say-do gaps

By developing individual capability and capacity

The intent behind the Inspire programme is to surface and close say-do gaps by developing the capability and capacity of participants to deal with the ambiguity of change through the alignment of belief, understanding, and behaviour. Inspire is the how that contributes to closing the say-do gap.

Through Inspire, we strive for congruence between what is said and what is done. It is vital that Inspire is implemented in a way that enables those participating to be successful. Sponsorship and participation from every level is therefore critical.

This is not a training course

It's a way of life that embeds new ways of working

The Inspire programme is different. It isn't taught. It is lived! Through a unique immersive and disruptive experience, participants build self-awareness and begin to close their own say-do gaps - all the while amplifying their individual capability and capacity. This has a knock-on impact to teams, and ultimately the whole organisation.

Real and lasting change requires 25%³ of people in any organisational unit to adopt new behaviours and ways of working to reach a tipping point where change has its own momentum. In this context Inspire delivers an enormous amount of traction, with 68% of Inspire participants expressing they have been successful in applying what they have learned in their daily work.

Key features of Inspire


There is no "death by PowerPoint" or "chalk-and-talk" on Inspire. Our facilitators guide your people through a learning journey, where an environment of safety and honesty enables them to grow their self-awareness and try new skills, behaviours, and tools.

Behavioural Skills

We have identified core skills that are valuable to all participants at any level, which include: Coaching, Feedback, Leadership.


The responsibility for making changes rests with each individual and the programme holds them accountable for that in a supportive way. Inspire has vehicles for supporting this accountability.

Everyday Use

Commonly used tools in a user friendly, accessible format. Tools and behaviours are tried, tested and effective; they are used to support people with how to do things differently.


The learning journey extends beyond the face-to-face facilitation, with tangible goals to achieve and measures of success. We use kapow to support people in unlocking their potential.

CEO's Challenge

A specific project that can be part of - or even the focus of - the Inspire Programme. The project is relevant to the participants and is something that they design, develop, and deliver during the programme.


This tool is used in the Inspire Programme to identify what individuals will do differently and to hold them accountable for this.


Coaching is embedded into how Inspire is facilitated. There are opportunities for participants to receive 1:1 coaching during the Inspire Programme. This can be delivered remotely and face-to-face.

Follow-Up Sessions

The supportive and safe environment created during the facilitation is continued regularly, with an appropriate cadence throughout the Inspire Programme. These sessions are flexible and can be moved to suit availability.

How do we design your Inspire Programme?

The Inspire programme meets your needs as an organisation - and as such, the intensity of delivery can be gauged in parallel with the type and scale of impact you would like to achieve. By discussing the following questions with you, we are able to discern how Inspire is uniquely tailored for your organisation:

What is your intent?

What are the drivers for your team or organisation? In what ways would you like your organisation to thrive? Inspire is focussed on your organisation’s intent.

What impact do you want to achieve?

What is the ideal outcome for your team or organisation? Articulate what you want your people to say, do, think, and feel differently.

What is the scope and demographics?

How many people would you like to participate in the Inspire Programme? Who should participate to achieve the highest impact?

What time investment is appropriate?

With daily work responsibilities expected, we will work with you to balance the amount of time invested in Inspire with meeting your intent and impact objectives.

Where will Inspire be delivered?

The Inspire Programme can be delivered face-to-face or remotely online, depending on availability and location.  Alternatively, a hybrid approach would deliver Inspire across both.

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¹ Gartner: Three Culture Conversations Every CEO Must Have with the with the Head of HR.
² Huang, J. L., Blume, B. D., Ford, J. K., & Baldwin, T. T. (2015). A tale of two transfers, Journal of Business and Psychology, 30(4), 709.
³ Professor Damon Centola, University of Pennsylvania.

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