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How We Do It

It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it. And that's what gets results.

We've refined our how and placed it at the centre of everything we do at Broadleaf. We believe that people and organisations have everything they need to succeed. Sometimes they need a guide or a handrail to get where they’re going. Sometimes they need support in spotlighting a situation to gain clarity and new perspectives on a challenge.

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Focusing on your end-goal

Your intent is our north star. It is knowing what you want to be different for you, your people, your organisation, and your customers. Exploring “what” you want to be different and “why” enables us, together, to focus on “how” to make it happen with lasting success.


Understanding Why, How and What

We are always curious about where people, teams and organisations are, and about surfacing the gaps that exist between what they say and what they do. Discovering this truth enables us to shape how we can help; delivering the support that will have maximum impact.


Building bridges using the power of "How"

Now we know what the say-do gaps are, we identify the levers that individuals, teams, and the organisation can use to connect your What (the things you do), to your How (the way you do it), to your Why (the results). Then, we apply "our how" to connect you to yours.


Facilitating equilibrium

Using what we know, we craft programmes that are specially designed to facilitate balance and close say-do gaps. This sense of congruence in and of itself unleashes capacity that was being used elsewhere. We create a virtuous circle, where people feel the impact of authenticity and accountability.


Generating energy

Our intent is always to generate self-sustaining pace, for individuals, teams, and organisations. This enables you to move forward under your own direction and power, with Broadleaf by your side. But it doesn't end there. We're ready to support with any course corrections you might need.

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