The Broadleaf Foundation

The Broadleaf Foundation exists to nourish all that encounter it, providing equitable opportunities for growth to enhance people's lives.

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What is The Broadleaf Foundation?

Sharing as we grow is part of how we do things at Broadleaf and that’s no different to how we approach The Broadleaf Foundation. We're not waiting until we’ve “got enough” to give back. We're sharing what we have as we navigate our own journey as Broadleaf Global.

We believe that people have capacity and capability beyond their own belief. And we know how to unlock it.

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We believe that people require a new perspective in order to grow and develop themselves.

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We believe that when an organisation values their people, their people grow value in the organisation.

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How it works

How we apply our support and why we do it

The Foundation focuses on two areas where we can express why we're in business and working with people, teams, and organisations like you.

Vocational Roles

Individuals, teams, and organisations that work in vocational sectors and organisations which are not profit based. We include not-for-profit and public-sector industries such as: education, healthcare, emergency services, social work, HM Forces, charities, and other vocational roles. We have observed that it is not always possible for these people to get access to the types of services and facilities that cannot be directly linked to their specialism and are already budgeted for.  The Foundation is working to change this.

The Vulnerable

This group covers all children, vulnerable adults, and the elderly. We value what they each bring to make our world a diverse and richer place for all.

How do we work in these areas?

To deliver as much positive impact as possible, the Foundation remains open about the best ways of working to meet the foundation's objectives. We have devised several ways in which people can engage with the foundation.

Through direct support by engaging with the Foundation and Broadleaf Global is available in the following ways:
     •  From its launch in January 2021, kapow is offered for free to all UK key workers.
     •  Discount codes for kapow can be applied to give individuals, teams, and organisations access to this unique service
     •  We petition Broadleaf Global who usually offer heavy discounts on our services, often running close to cost, to make an engagement accessible.
     •  Pro bono work is done on a regular basis, often to support individuals and on occasion for teams and organisations.
     •  Volunteering to support charities and other non-profit organisations, including member associations.

Through grant support, offered mainly through grant platform providers ensuring that proper due diligence, business case, reporting and associated benefits are accurately maintained. Neither Broadleaf Global nor The Broadleaf Foundation are involved in the supply of the service or aid in scope for the grant.

We also offer partnership opportunities where qualifying organisations may want to work with us on a joint initiative which meets the values of The Broadleaf Foundation and Broadleaf Global. These take a variety of forms depending on the specific project, initiative or solution that is developed.

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