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Our Why

Unleashing potential, enhancing lives

We are united in our belief of unleashing potential to enhance people's lives. We live this belief daily at work and at home, with each other, and in our client journeys. This gives us a uniquely authentic edge which translates into making you wildly successful.

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We value people

Everything we do has people at the centre. Throughout our careers, we have seen an incalculable squandering of potential because of inauthentic culture, organisational behaviours, entrenched biases, and much more. We have also experienced what happens when people are supported, nurtured and nourished by their work. It is an absolute privilege for us to be part of our clients journeys and reminds us daily of the nourishment we gain for ourselves. We never stop challenging ourselves.

But that's just part of our story. Sharing as we grow is part of how we do things at Broadleaf, and this includes creating The Broadleaf Foundation. The foundation exists to nourish all that encounter it, providing equitable opportunities for growth to unleash potential and enhance people’s lives. Read more about The Broadleaf Foundation below.

We believe that people have capacity and capability beyond their own belief. And we know how to unlock it.

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We believe that people require a new perspective in order to grow and develop themselves.

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We believe that when an organisation values their people, their people grow value in the organisation.

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Our People

Our people - we call them Leafers - truly are precious. It's why they're here and not working elsewhere. Our focus on empowering every Leafer to be bold and take risks, to learn from one another, and connect to their potential is done with the utmost integrity and generosity. We are all in service to each other. Lou and Paul may be the founders of Broadleaf, but their place in the hierarchy is at the bottom, to serve, to guide, to nurture and develop. At Broadleaf, our people lead by example.

Harriet Griffiths
Navigator, Projects

Harriet's Bio

Harriet brings her energy, experience, and enthusiasm to help the team co-ordinate client projects. This connects with her interest to see projects make a real impact in organisations, led by its people.

Harriet studied Psychology at the University of Manchester. She has a variety of experience working in various roles including a high-tech start-up in Artificial Intelligence where she managed web-site development and a HR role supporting a company specialising in digital transformation.

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Caterina Baskerville

Caterina's Bio

Caterina is a Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist, having worked in private practice since 2004.

Caterina studied a Masters in Psychotherapy at Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling.

A sense of collaboration, and non-verbal communication at the deepest level, remain the foundations of Caterina's professional life to this day.

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Jamie Davies
Explorer, Intent

Jamie's Bio

An experienced and versatile senior executive with a proven track record of achieving and exceeding objectives at a personal, team and organisation level.

Jamie is highly successful at creating and implementing strategies that increase market penetration and increase revenues

Jamie possess an expertise in building excellent relationships with all stakeholders based on trust, knowledge, credibility and integrity.

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Conall Platts
Leader, Psychology

Conall's Bio

Conall is a Chartered Business Psychologist with expertise in helping organisations enable real performance from their people.

For 14 years he has worked as a consultant helping businesses, both in the public and private sector, improve their performance and deliver results, particularly during times of change.

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Steven Coles
Leader, Client Success

Steven's Bio

Steven is driven by helping our clients succeed in their work and thrive in their careers. He does this by intensifying their impact on corporate goals and strategic imperatives.

​His mission is to make our clients wildly successful, applying over 25 years of experience in business winning across the IT, telecoms, security, facilities management and defence sectors.

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Benio Urbanowicz
Leader, Design

Benio's Bio

Benio believes in storytelling. With over 10 years of experience in the creative and design industry, he applies a design-thinking methodology in his approach. Curiosity, collaboration, and creativity fuel Benio’s passion for a narrative which is always focussed on the end user.

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Louise Perkins
Louise Perkins

Louise's Bio

Louise believes that, within each of us, we have everything we need and more to get wherever it is we want to go.  

She is energised by this belief and it informs her approach to the work that we do with our clients.  Louise is a facilitator, designer of experiences, builder of resources, writer, coach and NLP practitioner.

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Paul Dykes

Paul's Bio

Paul is naturally curious and believes that people are at the centre of all value creation.

He is nourished by seeing the real and lasting positive impact our work has in people’s lives. Paul is an explorer of intent, a skilled coach, facilitator and strategic thinker, grounded in pragmatism and full of vision.

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The Broadleaf Foundation

The philanthropic arm of Broadleaf Global Limited

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Doing good things in a powerful way